B2C Consumer Payment Apps

Payment power in your app.

As a provider of a consumer facing application you can increase customer engagement with your product by empowering customers to aggregate and pay their bills from your app.  

Your customers create a unique Request to Pay ID which can be in your brand.  They then share this ID with their billers who will send all future invoices to that ID.  You retrieve the invoices periodically from our repository and alert customers when payment is required.  They then return to your app and pay using the payment methods that you provide.  Easy and convenient

The Benefits

Customer Engagement

Being the location your customers choose to pay their bills means regular engagement every time an invoice is issued

Churn Reduction

If your customers have chosen to aggregate all their bills in your app they're very unlikely to then switch to an alternative

More data for better decisions

PFMs usually rely on bank aggregated data.  Being able to also retrieve invoice data can generate more insight for your customers

Answer Pay in Use

A Personal Finance Manager

A well known personal finance manager (PFM) application adopted Request to Pay to increase engagement in their application.  They found they had a peak of activity in the days immediately after registering a customer which then tailed off and for a large number of customers dropped off completely after 90 days when re-authentication of access to the Open Banking data was required.  From the data they received they could notify their customers that a bill was due but were unable to help with the payment process itself.  

After a simple integration of the Answer Pay repository the PFM was able to not only see that a bill payment was due, they were able to deliver the invoice to the customer and offer them the ability to pay it using their Open Banking service, part pay or delay.  This bill payment management substantially increased user interaction with the application and reduced churn.

How it Works

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