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Payment Service Providers

Easier bill payments, happier customers. Increase engagement with your client base by becoming the foundation of their bill payment experience

Traditional payments require customers to visit a biller or merchant checkout and initiate a payment.  With Request to Pay this process is decoupled so that a biller can initiate a payment request and a customer can choose where and how they pay.  Decoupling is made possible by FCA regulated repositories which manage the identities and messaging between parties in the ecosystem. 
We have built the repository platform so you don’t have to, simply leverage your existing license and our technology and you can take the lead in the bill payments market.

The Benefits

Lower Cost

You and your clients save money on the cost of payment processing and reconciliation

Satisfied Customers

Bill payment clarity is essential for all businesses but is not something that is available on most bill payment methods

Improved payment conversion

Giving customers their choice of bill payment and options to part pay improves payment conversion

Answer Pay in Use

An Open Banking Provider

A licensed Open Banking provider was looking for the perfect use case to increase their payment volumes.  As they had a number of B2B focused clients and also a number of B2C focused customers in the shape of personal finance managers, they recognised that Request to Pay would be the ideal solution for them.

Building Open Banking solutions across Europe is hard and they did not want to distract from this focus. So rather than attempt building to a new standard they chose to adopt Answer Pay’s Request to Pay+ repository.  They simply registered with Pay.UK leveraging their PISP license and used the pre-certified Answer Pay repository to provide a fully white labelled service to their customers.  They are now seeing their payments volume build and gaining new customers.  

How it Works

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